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Save up to 50% on packaging materials

Reduce storage space by up to 90%

Clean, dust free, recyclable

High strength allows reduction in outer packaging thickness

Simple to operate - no training required

High quality & low maintenance

Range of film type and sizes

Biodegradable film option

Custom printed pillows option

WorldPay Payments Processing

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Environmental Information

Packaging has received negative publicity in the media in recent years but it is essential in order to safely transport a product from A to B. There are a great number of packaging businesses in the UK but not everyone takes environmental concerns seriously.

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Concerned about the environment?
So are we.

At Airfil Protective Packaging we are committed not only to promoting responsibly packaging solutions but to pursuing a greener approach to all our products.

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Air Pillows are the greenest solution to void fill or protective packaging. When inflated only 1% of the product volume is plastic (the other 99% is air).

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Our film is made by a leading UK extruder. Polythene is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. It is lightweight, can be efficiently produced and is 100% recyclable.

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We have developed a degradable air pillow. Green in colour these pillows are both recycled and recyclable. The polythene used contains an additive which means it breaks down in the waste stream approximately 25 times faster than standard polythene